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Laboratory is vital element of diagnosis, planning, treatment and monitoring for every disease from the most common to the esoteric .Laboratory services are fully equipped with state of art, ultra-modern, technology platform.

The majority of analytical machines & systems are bi-directionally interfaced with the server, hence results that are generated by automated systems are directly transferred into the dedicated Centralized Laboratory Information Management System and then reviewed by specialist.

Once the results are reviewed they are available on-line emailing the Doctor for faster treatment.

Department consists of specialist from various branches of Lab Medicine on whom the physicians rely on for expert diagnosis. LCH Group laboratory has capability to perform over 2 Million tests per annum with the shortest possible turnaround time.

The pathology section provides a wide range of procedures including:
  • Gross examination of the surgical specimens
  • Preparation of the received specimens and samples for examination
  • Routine Stains
  • Special Stains
  • Different cytology sample's preparation
  • Microscopic examination of all received cases whether in house or referred from other centers.

The hematology section is dedicated to the management of blood diseases including coagulation disorders, anemia's and hematologic malignancies. It also collaborates with the other sections in the multidisciplinary management of patients requiring blood elements transfusions.

The range of hematological tests available is board. They include blood cell count, Hb electrophoresis, coagulation tests, bone marrow examination, and flowcytometry in addition to other tests.

The microbiology (bacteriology) laboratory provides accurate and timely laboratory testing and diagnostic information. Services include:

  • Bacterial, fungal and mycobacterial cultures
  • Blood cultures
  • Direct examinations as acid fast bacilli stain, Gram Staining, direct KOH & India Ink
  • Bacterial antigen detection
  • Routine antimicrobial susceptibility testing

The biochemistry and immunology Lab is known for its meticulous and timely results and reporting of tests which includes

  • General chemistry
  • Range of Hormonal tests
  • Immune assays & Tumor markers

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